The Cari Farver Story

The Cari Farver Story: A Tale of Deception and Tragedy

The Cari Farver story is a gripping tale of deception, obsession, and ultimately, tragedy. It revolves around the disappearance of Cari Farver, a young woman from Omaha, Nebraska, in November 2012. As the investigation unfolded, shocking details emerged, revealing a web of lies, manipulation, and a chilling case of identity theft.

Cari Farver, a 37-year-old mother of a young son, vanished without a trace, leaving her loved ones desperate for answers. Initially, her disappearance was treated as a missing persons case, but as investigators dug deeper, they discovered a series of disturbing events leading up to her disappearance.


1. Who was Cari Farver?
Cari Farver was a 37-year-old woman from Omaha, Nebraska. She was a mother to a young son and was known to be hardworking and dedicated.

2. What happened to Cari Farver?
Cari Farver disappeared in November 2012 and was later declared dead, although her remains were never found.

3. What led to the discovery of the truth?
The investigation into Cari Farver’s disappearance took a surprising turn when it was revealed that she had been the victim of identity theft. Evidence pointed towards a former boyfriend, Shanna Golyar, who had assumed Cari’s identity and continued communicating with her friends and family.

4. Who is Shanna Golyar?
Shanna Golyar was Cari Farver’s ex-boyfriend and the main suspect in her disappearance. She was later convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

5. How did Shanna Golyar assume Cari Farver’s identity?
Shanna Golyar had access to Cari’s personal belongings, including her phone and computer, which allowed her to impersonate Cari through text messages and social media.

6. What was the motive behind the murder?
The motive behind Cari Farver’s murder remains unclear. However, it is believed that Shanna Golyar’s obsession with Cari and jealousy over her relationships played a significant role.

7. Were there any other suspects in the case?
While Shanna Golyar was the primary suspect in Cari Farver’s murder, there were no other significant suspects identified during the investigation.

8. Were there any warning signs before Cari’s disappearance?
Cari’s friends and family noticed some unusual behavior from Shanna Golyar leading up to her disappearance. However, they had no way of knowing the extent of the deception and the danger Cari was in.

9. How long did the investigation take?
The investigation into Cari Farver’s disappearance spanned several years. It involved extensive forensic work, gathering evidence, and unraveling the complex web of lies and deceit created by Shanna Golyar.

10. Was justice served in this case?
Shanna Golyar was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. While justice was served in the legal sense, the tragedy of Cari Farver’s untimely death remains.

11. Was Cari Farver’s body ever found?
Despite extensive searches, Cari Farver’s remains were never discovered. This adds to the tragedy of the case, as her loved ones were unable to provide her with a proper burial.

12. How did this case impact the community?
The Cari Farver case shocked the Omaha community, as it exposed the dark side of human nature and the potential dangers of online relationships. It served as a reminder to be cautious and aware of the people we interact with, even in the digital world.

13. Has this case inspired any changes in law enforcement procedures?
While specific changes resulting from this case are not widely known, it is likely that it prompted law enforcement agencies to further investigate cases involving identity theft and deception, especially in missing persons cases.

The Cari Farver story is a chilling reminder of the depths of human obsession and the devastating consequences it can have. It serves as a cautionary tale, urging us to be vigilant in our relationships, both online and offline. Though justice was served, the pain and loss experienced by Cari’s loved ones will always remain.