What Hallmark Mysteries Are Coming Back in 2023?

What Hallmark Mysteries Are Coming Back in 2023?

Hallmark Mysteries have become a fan favorite among television viewers, offering an exciting blend of suspense, romance, and intrigue. With their captivating storylines and charming characters, it’s no wonder that fans eagerly anticipate the return of these beloved shows. In 2023, Hallmark is set to bring back some of their most popular mystery series, ensuring that viewers will have plenty of thrilling entertainment to look forward to. Let’s take a closer look at what Hallmark mysteries are coming back in 2023.

1. “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” – This heartwarming series follows a group of postal detectives who track down the intended recipients of undeliverable mail. As they solve mysteries and reunite lost letters with their rightful owners, they also uncover hidden truths about themselves.

2. “Mystery 101” – This intriguing series centers around an English professor and a local detective who team up to solve puzzling crimes. Their unique perspectives and complementary skills make them an unstoppable duo.

3. “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” – Based on the popular book series by Charlaine Harris, this series follows the adventures of librarian and amateur sleuth Aurora Teagarden. With her sharp wit and keen eye for detail, Aurora unravels baffling mysteries in her small town.

4. “Crossword Mysteries” – A crossword puzzle editor and a detective work together to crack the clues of a puzzling crime. This series combines the thrill of detective work with the intellectual challenge of crossword puzzles.

5. “Garage Sale Mysteries” – Jennifer Shannon, a garage sale enthusiast, has a knack for stumbling upon mysteries while hunting for treasures. With her sharp instincts and eye for detail, she uncovers the truth behind each puzzling case.

6. “Hailey Dean Mysteries” – Former prosecutor-turned-therapist Hailey Dean finds herself drawn into criminal investigations, using her unique insights to solve complex cases. This series explores the intersection of psychology and crime-solving.

7. “Matchmaker Mysteries” – Angie Dove, a former actress turned matchmaker, finds herself entangled in real-life mysteries while trying to help her clients find love. With her intuition and acting skills, she uncovers hidden secrets and solves crimes.

8. “Morning Show Mysteries” – Billie Blessings, a TV chef and cookbook author, becomes embroiled in real-life mysteries while producing her morning show. With her culinary expertise and investigative skills, Billie uncovers the truth behind each case.

9. “Ruby Herring Mysteries” – As a reporter for a local news station, Ruby Herring finds herself in the middle of thrilling mysteries. With her tenacity and determination, she uncovers the truth and delivers justice.

10. “The Chronicle Mysteries” – Alex McPherson, a journalist for a true crime podcast, finds herself investigating unsolved mysteries. With her sharp investigative skills and passion for justice, Alex digs deep to uncover the truth.

11. “The Gourmet Detective” – Henry Ross, a gourmet chef and detective, uses his culinary expertise to solve puzzling crimes. With his refined palate and keen observation skills, Henry uncovers the truth behind each culinary mystery.

12. “The Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries” – Jeff Jackson, a retired detective, finds himself drawn into mysterious cases on Martha’s Vineyard. With his experience and sharp instincts, Jeff unravels complex mysteries in this picturesque setting.

13. “The Picture Perfect Mysteries” – Photographer Allie Adams partners with Detective Sam Acosta to solve puzzling crimes. With Allie’s eye for detail and Sam’s investigative skills, they uncover the truth behind each mysterious photograph.


1. When will the Hallmark mystery series return in 2023?
The return dates for specific series have not been announced yet. Keep an eye on Hallmark’s official announcements for more information.

2. Will all the previous cast members return for the upcoming seasons?
While it’s likely that many familiar faces will return, casting decisions are typically announced closer to the premiere dates.

3. Can I watch these series online if I miss an episode?
Yes, Hallmark mysteries are often available to stream online through the Hallmark Movies Now app or other streaming platforms.

4. Are these series suitable for all ages?
Hallmark mysteries are generally family-friendly and suitable for all ages. However, some episodes may contain mild suspense or thematic elements.

5. How many episodes are typically in a season?
The number of episodes can vary from season to season, but most Hallmark mystery series have around six to ten episodes per season.

6. Can I watch these series outside of the United States?
Hallmark mysteries have a global fan base, and they are often available for international viewers through various networks or streaming platforms.

7. Will there be any crossovers between different series?
While crossover episodes are not common, Hallmark has occasionally featured special episodes that bring together characters from different series.

8. Are these series based on books?
Some Hallmark mystery series, such as “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” and “The Chronicle Mysteries,” are based on popular book series.

9. Can I watch these series without watching them in order?
Each episode of a Hallmark mystery series typically features a self-contained story, allowing viewers to enjoy them without watching in chronological order.

10. Will there be any new Hallmark mystery series introduced in 2023?
Hallmark has not announced any new mystery series for 2023 at this time. However, they are known for introducing new series periodically, so stay tuned for updates.

11. Do I need to watch previous seasons to understand the upcoming seasons?
While previous seasons can provide background information on the characters and their relationships, most Hallmark mystery series are designed to be enjoyed independently.

12. Can I expect any romantic subplots in these series?
Yes, Hallmark mysteries often include romantic subplots that add an extra layer of charm and intrigue to the storytelling.

13. Will there be any special holiday-themed episodes?
Hallmark is known for its holiday-themed content, and it’s possible that some of the mystery series may feature special episodes set during the holiday season.

As fans eagerly await the return of their favorite Hallmark mystery series in 2023, they can look forward to another year of thrilling and heartwarming entertainment. With a diverse range of characters and captivating storylines, these shows continue to captivate audiences worldwide. So mark your calendars and get ready for another year of suspense, romance, and intrigue on Hallmark.