What Hallmark Mysteries Will Be Returning in 2022?

What Hallmark Mysteries Will Be Returning in 2022?

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has captivated audiences with its thrilling and suspenseful mystery movies over the years. From cozy whodunits to heart-pounding crime dramas, these films have become fan favorites. As we eagerly await the new year, let’s take a look at some of the Hallmark mysteries that will be returning in 2022.

1. “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries”: Based on the popular book series by Charlaine Harris, this series follows librarian and crime buff Aurora Teagarden as she solves puzzling mysteries in her small town. With actress Candace Cameron Bure in the lead role, these movies have gained a loyal following.

2. “Crossword Mysteries”: Starring Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott, this series combines crossword puzzles and crime-solving. Chabert plays Tess Harper, a crossword puzzle editor, who teams up with Elliott’s character, Detective Logan O’Connor, to unravel perplexing mysteries.

3. “Mystery 101”: This series features Jill Wagner as Amy Winslow, a college professor, and Kristoffer Polaha as Detective Travis Burke. Together, they solve crimes and uncover the truth behind mysterious incidents in their town.

4. “Matchmaker Mysteries”: Danica McKellar portrays Angie Dove, a professional matchmaker who finds herself entangled in puzzling crimes. With her keen eye for detail and a knack for solving mysteries, Angie becomes an unexpected detective in these captivating films.

5. “Hailey Dean Mysteries”: Based on Nancy Grace’s book series, this franchise stars Kellie Martin as Hailey Dean, a former prosecutor turned therapist who can’t resist getting involved in perplexing murder cases. With her sharp intellect and determination, Hailey always manages to crack the case.

6. “Chronicle Mysteries”: Alison Sweeney plays Alex McPherson, a true crime podcaster who finds herself in the middle of real-life mysteries. Combining investigative journalism with her natural curiosity, Alex delves into the truth behind baffling crimes.

7. “Emma Fielding Mysteries”: This series follows archaeologist Emma Fielding, played by Courtney Thorne-Smith, as she unearths hidden secrets and solves ancient mysteries. With her expertise in ancient artifacts and a sharp eye for detail, Emma unravels perplexing cases.

8. “Picture Perfect Mysteries”: This franchise stars Alexa PenaVega as Allie Adams, a professional photographer who stumbles upon crime scenes during her shoots. With her creative eye and attention to detail, Allie becomes an amateur sleuth, helping the police solve these puzzling crimes.

9. “Ruby Herring Mysteries”: Taylor Cole portrays television news reporter Ruby Herring, who finds herself embroiled in thrilling murder cases. With her investigative skills and determination, Ruby uncovers the truth behind the crimes that unfold in her town.

10. “Gourmet Detective Mysteries”: Dylan Neal plays Henry Ross, a chef turned detective, who uses his culinary expertise to solve perplexing crimes. With Brooke Burns as his partner, the two uncover the truth behind mysterious murders while enjoying delectable dishes along the way.

11. “Signed, Sealed, Delivered Mysteries”: This series follows a team of postal detectives who solve mysteries related to undeliverable mail. With their unique skills and unwavering determination, they bring closure to those who are desperately waiting for answers.

12. “Garage Sale Mysteries”: Lori Loughlin stars as Jennifer Shannon, a garage sale enthusiast who frequently stumbles upon items linked to crimes. With a keen eye for detail, Jennifer uncovers the truth behind these mysteries while enjoying the thrill of the hunt.

13. “The Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries”: Jesse Metcalfe plays Jeff Jackson, a former Boston detective who becomes a private investigator on Martha’s Vineyard. With his dogged determination and sharp instincts, Jeff solves perplexing mysteries on the picturesque island.


1. When will these Hallmark mysteries air in 2022?
Hallmark typically releases their mystery movies throughout the year, so stay tuned for announcements regarding specific air dates.

2. Will these movies feature the same cast members as previous installments?
Yes, most of these franchises have a consistent cast, with beloved actors reprising their roles.

3. Can these movies be watched as standalone films, or should they be viewed in order?
While each movie has its own standalone mystery, watching the series in order allows viewers to follow character development and ongoing storylines.

4. Are these movies suitable for all ages?
Most Hallmark mysteries are family-friendly, but it’s always a good idea to review the content rating before watching with young children.

5. Where can I watch these movies?
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries can be found on the Hallmark Channel, as well as various streaming platforms, such as the Hallmark Movies Now app.

6. Will there be new installments in these series beyond 2022?
Hallmark has a dedicated fan base for their mystery movies, so it’s highly likely that we’ll see more installments in these beloved franchises in the future.

7. Are these movies based on books?
Some of these series, like “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” and “Hailey Dean Mysteries,” are based on book series written by popular authors.

8. Can I watch these movies outside the United States?
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is available in select countries, so check your local listings or streaming platforms for availability.

9. Are there any crossovers between these franchises?
While there haven’t been any official crossovers announced, it’s always exciting to see familiar faces from different series make guest appearances.

10. Can I expect romance alongside the mystery in these films?
Hallmark movies often include a touch of romance, adding to the overall charm and appeal of these mysteries.

11. Will there be any new mystery series introduced in 2022?
While no new series have been announced yet, Hallmark has a history of introducing new franchises, so keep an eye out for potential additions.

12. How many movies are there in each series?
The number of movies in each series varies, with some having multiple installments and others still ongoing.

13. Can I binge-watch these mysteries?
With the availability of streaming platforms, you can binge-watch past installments or catch up on missed movies at your convenience.

As we look forward to 2022, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries promises to continue delivering captivating and entertaining mysteries that keep us on the edge of our seats. Whether you’re a fan of cozy whodunits or thrilling crime dramas, there’s something for everyone in these beloved franchises. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready to embark on another year of solving puzzles and unraveling mysteries with your favorite Hallmark sleuths.