What Was Elvis Favorite Movie

Elvis Presley was not only a legendary musician but also a talented actor who appeared in over 30 movies during his career. While he had numerous successful films, one movie stands out as his personal favorite – “King Creole.” Released in 1958, this crime drama captured the essence of the young Elvis and showcased his acting abilities.

“King Creole” tells the story of Danny Fisher, a troubled teenager who gets involved with a New Orleans gangster and finds himself torn between love and loyalty. This movie not only featured Elvis’s signature rock and roll music but also displayed his dramatic acting skills. Here are five unique facts about “King Creole” and Elvis’s involvement in it:

1. Nominated for an Academy Award: Surprisingly, “King Creole” received critical acclaim and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Music, Original Song. The song “Crawfish,” performed by Elvis in the film, was the one that earned this prestigious nomination.

2. The King’s acting prowess: Elvis’s performance in “King Creole” impressed both critics and audiences alike. He effortlessly portrayed the complex character of Danny Fisher, showcasing his ability to delve into deeper, more dramatic roles. This film gave Elvis the opportunity to prove himself as a serious actor beyond his musical talents.

3. A different kind of Elvis movie: Unlike many of his other films, “King Creole” deviated from the typical formula of light-hearted musicals. It explored darker themes and displayed a more mature side of Elvis. The film successfully blended music, drama, and crime, setting it apart from his other movie ventures.

4. Co-starring with Walter Matthau: In “King Creole,” Elvis had the opportunity to work alongside acclaimed actor Walter Matthau. Known for his roles in “The Odd Couple” and “Grumpy Old Men,” Matthau played the role of Maxie Fields, a ruthless gangster and nightclub owner. The chemistry between Elvis and Matthau added depth to the film and enhanced the overall performance.

5. Elvis’s personal favorite: Out of all the movies Elvis made, “King Creole” held a special place in his heart. He often referred to it as his favorite film and felt that it showcased his best acting skills. This preference may have been due to the film’s more serious tone and the opportunity it provided for him to explore different aspects of his talent.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about Elvis’s favorite movie:

1. Why did Elvis choose “King Creole” as his favorite film?
Elvis considered “King Creole” his favorite movie because it allowed him to showcase his acting abilities beyond his musical talent.

2. Did “King Creole” receive any awards?
While it didn’t win an Academy Award, the film was nominated for Best Music, Original Song for the song “Crawfish.”

3. Who did Elvis star alongside in “King Creole”?
Elvis had the opportunity to work with renowned actor Walter Matthau, who played the role of Maxie Fields.

4. How many movies did Elvis make in total?
Elvis appeared in over 30 movies throughout his career.

5. What other successful films did Elvis star in?
Some of Elvis’s other popular films include “Jailhouse Rock,” “Blue Hawaii,” and “Viva Las Vegas.”

6. What was the plot of “King Creole”?
“King Creole” tells the story of Danny Fisher, a teenager who becomes involved with a New Orleans gangster and finds himself torn between love and loyalty.

7. When was “King Creole” released?
The film was released in 1958.

8. Did Elvis perform any memorable songs in “King Creole”?
Yes, “King Creole” features some iconic songs such as “Hard Headed Woman” and “Trouble.”

9. Did Elvis receive positive reviews for his acting in “King Creole”?
Yes, Elvis’s performance in “King Creole” received critical acclaim, with many praising his dramatic acting skills.

10. How did “King Creole” differ from Elvis’s other movies?
“King Creole” explored darker themes and showcased a more mature side of Elvis, setting it apart from his usual light-hearted musicals.

11. Was “King Creole” commercially successful?
Yes, the film was a box office success, further contributing to Elvis’s popularity.

12. Did Elvis have a favorite scene in “King Creole”?
Elvis particularly enjoyed the scene where he performed the song “Trouble” in the nightclub.

13. Did Elvis have any other favorite movies?
While “King Creole” was his personal favorite, Elvis also spoke highly of “Jailhouse Rock” and “Viva Las Vegas.”

14. How did “King Creole” impact Elvis’s acting career?
The success of “King Creole” solidified Elvis’s status as a serious actor and opened doors for him to explore more diverse roles.

15. Can I watch “King Creole” today?
Yes, “King Creole” is readily available on various streaming platforms and DVD collections for fans to enjoy Elvis’s favorite movie.

“King Creole” remains a testament to Elvis Presley’s versatility and his ability to captivate audiences both on stage and on the silver screen. This film allowed him to break away from his musical persona and showcase his acting prowess, making it a standout in his filmography.