When Hope Calls Christmas Lori Loughlin

When Hope Calls Christmas: Lori Loughlin’s Return and 5 Unique Facts

The holiday season is just around the corner, and fans of the heartwarming television series When Hope Calls have something special to look forward to. Lori Loughlin, known for her role as Abigail Stanton in the beloved show, will be making her return in the upcoming When Hope Calls Christmas special. In anticipation of this delightful event, let’s explore five unique facts about the show and its star, along with some frequently asked questions about the upcoming Christmas special.

1. When Hope Calls:
When Hope Calls is a spin-off of the popular television series When Calls the Heart. It premiered in August 2019 on the Hallmark Movies Now streaming service. The show follows the lives of sisters Lillian (played by Morgan Kohan) and Grace (played by Jocelyn Hudon) as they open an orphanage in the small town of Brookfield. With its captivating storylines and a strong emphasis on family, love, and community, When Hope Calls has quickly become a favorite among viewers seeking heartwarming and uplifting content.

2. Lori Loughlin’s Return:
Lori Loughlin’s character, Abigail Stanton, was a beloved figure in When Calls the Heart. However, due to real-life legal issues, Loughlin was absent from the show’s sixth season. Fans were disappointed to see one of their favorite characters depart, but now they have reason to rejoice as Loughlin will be reprising her role in the When Hope Calls Christmas special. Her return promises to bring joy and excitement to the storyline, allowing fans to reconnect with Abigail and witness her heartwarming presence once again.

3. A Christmas Special:
The When Hope Calls Christmas special is set to air on December 18th, 2021. The episode will feature a heartwarming holiday story, filled with messages of love, forgiveness, and the true spirit of Christmas. As the orphans and townsfolk of Brookfield come together to celebrate the festive season, viewers can expect an uplifting and emotional journey that captures the essence of the When Hope Calls series.

4. The Importance of Hope:
Hope is a central theme in When Hope Calls. The show consistently emphasizes the power of hope and its ability to transform lives. Through their selfless work at the orphanage, Lillian and Grace inspire the people of Brookfield to find hope even in the most challenging times. This message resonates deeply with viewers, reminding them of the importance of staying hopeful and supporting one another, especially during the holiday season.

5. 5 Unique Facts:
a. The When Hope Calls series was inspired by Janette Oke’s bestselling novel, “When Calls the Heart.” Oke’s books have captivated readers for decades with their heartwarming stories set in the Canadian West.
b. When Hope Calls is Hallmark Movies Now’s first original scripted series, marking a significant milestone for the streaming service.
c. The show is filmed in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, providing a picturesque backdrop that beautifully captures the charm of the small-town setting.
d. When Hope Calls has a dedicated and passionate fan base, known as #Hopefuls, who actively engage with the show on social media, sharing their love for the characters and storylines.
e. The When Hope Calls Christmas special will feature guest appearances from other beloved When Calls the Heart characters, adding an extra layer of excitement and nostalgia for fans.

Frequently Asked Questions about the When Hope Calls Christmas Special:

1. Will the When Hope Calls Christmas special be available on Hallmark Channel?
No, the When Hope Calls Christmas special will premiere exclusively on Hallmark Movies Now, the streaming service.

2. How long is the Christmas special episode?
The duration of the When Hope Calls Christmas special is approximately two hours.

3. Can I watch the Christmas special without having seen the previous episodes of When Hope Calls?
Yes, the Christmas special can be enjoyed as a standalone episode. However, watching the previous episodes of When Hope Calls will enhance your understanding of the characters and their journey.

4. Will all the main cast members return for the Christmas special?
While Lori Loughlin will be making her return, the participation of other main cast members has not been confirmed.

5. Will there be a season 3 of When Hope Calls?
As of now, the show’s future beyond the Christmas special has not been announced.

6. Can I watch When Hope Calls on Hallmark Channel or any other streaming platforms?
When Hope Calls is exclusively available on Hallmark Movies Now, which requires a separate subscription.

7. Will the Christmas special feature any new characters?
The details regarding new characters in the Christmas special have not been revealed yet.

8. Are there any plans for a crossover between When Hope Calls and When Calls the Heart?
While both shows share the same universe, there are no official announcements regarding a crossover.

9. How can I subscribe to Hallmark Movies Now to watch the Christmas special?
You can subscribe to Hallmark Movies Now through their official website or via various streaming platforms.

10. Will the Christmas special have closed captions or subtitles?
Yes, closed captions and subtitles will be available for the When Hope Calls Christmas special.

11. Can I watch the Christmas special outside of the United States?
Hallmark Movies Now is available in the United States and several other countries. Please check the availability in your region.

12. Will the Christmas special be available for streaming after its initial airing?
Yes, the When Hope Calls Christmas special will be available for on-demand streaming on Hallmark Movies Now.

13. Will the Christmas special be released on DVD or Blu-ray?
There has been no announcement regarding a DVD or Blu-ray release for the When Hope Calls Christmas special.

As the holiday season approaches, fans of When Hope Calls eagerly await the Christmas special and Lori Loughlin’s return. The heartwarming stories, captivating characters, and emphasis on hope make this series a must-watch for those seeking uplifting and inspiring content. So mark your calendars and get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of When Hope Calls this holiday season.