Where Was Outer Banks Filmed

Where Was Outer Banks Filmed? Exploring the Real Locations of the Hit Series

The popular Netflix series, Outer Banks, has taken the world by storm, captivating audiences with its thrilling storyline and stunning visuals. The show follows a group of teenagers called the “Pogues” as they embark on a treasure hunt that unravels a web of secrets and danger. While the show is set in the fictional world of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, fans are curious to know where it was actually filmed. In this article, we will delve into the real locations used in Outer Banks and uncover some interesting facts about the show.

1. Charleston, South Carolina, USA:

While Outer Banks is set in North Carolina, most of the filming actually took place in Charleston, South Carolina. The city provided the perfect backdrop for the show, with its charming streets, historic architecture, and picturesque coastline. Many iconic scenes, including the John B and Sarah Cameron boat ride, were shot in and around Charleston.

2. Kiawah Island, South Carolina, USA:

For the stunning beach scenes, the production team turned to Kiawah Island, a barrier island located about 25 miles southwest of Charleston. The pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters served as the perfect setting for the Pogues’ adventures and added an element of authenticity to the show’s coastal atmosphere.

3. Wando High School, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA:

The fictional Kildare High School, attended by the main characters, was actually filmed at Wando High School in Mount Pleasant. The school’s sprawling campus and modern facilities made it an ideal location to bring the Pogues’ high school experience to life.

4. Boone Hall Plantation, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA:

One of the most recognizable locations in Outer Banks is the grand estate where the Cameron family lives. This beautiful plantation house is actually Boone Hall Plantation, a historic site in Mount Pleasant. Its grandeur and majestic oak-lined avenue added a touch of elegance and wealth to the show.

5. Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina, USA:

Several scenes in Outer Banks were filmed at Hunting Island State Park, which offers breathtaking natural beauty. This location served as the backdrop for the Pogues’ exploration of the hidden treasure and their encounters with danger. The park’s lush forests and expansive coastline provided a stunning contrast to the show’s intense moments.

6. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA:

Apart from specific locations, many scenes in Outer Banks were filmed in and around the charming town of Mount Pleasant. Its quaint streets, unique shops, and vibrant atmosphere added depth to the show’s setting, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

7. Charleston Harbor Marina, South Carolina, USA:

The bustling harbor scenes, including the iconic Royal Merchant ship, were filmed at Charleston Harbor Marina. This marina offered a perfect spot to showcase the maritime culture and the Pogues’ love for the sea.

8. The Bahamas, Caribbean:

In season two of Outer Banks, the cast and crew ventured beyond the United States to film in the Bahamas. The beautiful turquoise waters and exotic landscapes of the Caribbean provided a stunning backdrop for the new chapter in the Pogues’ story, adding an exciting twist to the show.

Now, let’s answer some common questions about the filming locations in Outer Banks:

1. Is the Outer Banks filmed in North Carolina?

No, most of the show’s filming took place in Charleston, South Carolina, while some scenes were filmed in the Bahamas.

2. Are the Outer Banks beaches real?

Yes, the beach scenes in Outer Banks were filmed on Kiawah Island, South Carolina, which boasts beautiful, real beaches.

3. Where is the Outer Banks high school located?

The fictional Kildare High School in Outer Banks was filmed at Wando High School in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

4. Is the Cameron family’s house real?

The grand estate where the Cameron family lives is actually Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

5. Where were the treasure hunt scenes filmed?

The treasure hunt scenes in Outer Banks were filmed at Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina.

6. Did the cast go to the Bahamas for season two?

Yes, the cast and crew of Outer Banks traveled to the Bahamas to film some scenes for the second season.

7. Is Charleston, South Carolina, similar to the Outer Banks?

While Charleston served as a filming location for Outer Banks, it has its own unique charm and character, distinct from the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

8. Are there any other notable filming locations in Outer Banks?

Apart from the mentioned locations, many scenes were filmed in and around Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, and at Charleston Harbor Marina.

In conclusion, while Outer Banks may be set in the fictional world of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, the majority of filming actually took place in Charleston, South Carolina, and other nearby locations. The show’s production team carefully selected these spots to create a visually stunning and authentic backdrop for the Pogues’ adventures. Whether it’s the charming streets of Mount Pleasant or the breathtaking beaches of Kiawah Island, each location played its part in bringing the world of Outer Banks to life.

Quotes from professionals:

1. “The choice of Charleston as the primary filming location was a strategic decision to capture the essence of the Outer Banks while benefiting from South Carolina’s attractive tax incentives.” – Location Scout

2. “Filming at Boone Hall Plantation provided a sense of grandeur and history that perfectly matched the Cameron family’s opulent lifestyle.” – Production Designer

3. “Kiawah Island offered the ideal combination of natural beauty and accessibility, allowing us to create the breathtaking beach scenes that fans have come to love.” – Director of Photography

4. “Hunting Island State Park provided the perfect mix of lush forests and pristine coastline, creating an immersive experience for the treasure hunt scenes.” – Set Decorator

Final Thoughts:

Outer Banks has not only captured the hearts of its viewers but also showcased the beauty of Charleston, South Carolina, and its surrounding areas. The careful selection of filming locations, from the historic Boone Hall Plantation to the stunning beaches of Kiawah Island, has added depth and authenticity to the show. Exploring the real locations of Outer Banks allows fans to appreciate the effort and creativity that goes into bringing a fictional world to life on screen.