Where Was Suits Filmed

Where Was Suits Filmed: Unraveling the Secrets Behind the Iconic Show

For nine exhilarating seasons, Suits captivated audiences with its sharp wit, gripping drama, and captivating characters. As fans eagerly followed the lives of the talented lawyers at Pearson Hardman (later known as Pearson Specter Litt), many wondered about the real-life locations that served as the backdrop for this legal powerhouse. In this article, we’ll delve into the filming locations of Suits and unravel some interesting facts about the show that kept us all on the edge of our seats.

1. Toronto, Canada: Contrary to popular belief, Suits was not filmed in New York City, where the story is set. The majority of the show’s scenes were actually shot in Toronto, Canada. The city’s diverse architecture and vibrant streets perfectly mirrored the urban landscape of NYC.

2. Bay Adelaide Centre: One of the most recognizable filming locations was the Bay Adelaide Centre, which served as the exterior of the fictional Pearson Hardman law firm. This stunning skyscraper lent an air of sophistication and power to the show, setting the stage for the intense legal battles fought within its walls.

3. Bay Adelaide Park: Just across the street from the Bay Adelaide Centre lies the Bay Adelaide Park. This lush green space, with its picturesque fountain, was often featured in Suits as a peaceful escape for the characters amidst their chaotic lives.

4. The Royal York Hotel: Another iconic location that made several appearances in the show was The Fairmont Royal York Hotel. With its luxurious interiors and grandiose architecture, this historic hotel was a fitting backdrop for the characters’ extravagant lifestyles.

5. University of Toronto: Several scenes in Suits were filmed at the University of Toronto, particularly the Osgoode Hall Law School. This prestigious institution provided a realistic setting for the characters’ legal education and courtroom drama.

6. Casa Loma: This majestic castle nestled in Toronto played a significant role in the show. Casa Loma’s opulence and grandeur made it the perfect choice for the extravagant wedding venue in the series.

7. The Distillery District: Suits often took advantage of the vibrant atmosphere of Toronto’s Distillery District. This pedestrian-only village, with its cobblestone streets and Victorian-era buildings, provided a unique backdrop for the characters’ leisurely walks and casual encounters.

8. Yorkville: Known for its upscale boutiques and trendy restaurants, Yorkville was another favored filming location for Suits. The characters could often be seen strolling along the streets of this chic neighborhood, adding an element of sophistication to the show.

Common Questions about Suits Filming Locations:

1. Was Suits filmed in New York City?

No, the majority of the show was filmed in Toronto, Canada.

2. Which locations in Toronto were frequently used in Suits?

The Bay Adelaide Centre, Bay Adelaide Park, The Royal York Hotel, University of Toronto, Casa Loma, The Distillery District, and Yorkville were some of the prominent filming locations.

3. Did Suits ever film in New York City?

Yes, while most scenes were shot in Toronto, the production team occasionally traveled to New York City to capture specific exterior shots and establish the authentic NYC ambiance.

4. Is Pearson Hardman a real law firm in New York City?

No, Pearson Hardman is a fictional law firm created for the show.

5. Can you visit the filming locations in Toronto?

Yes, many of the locations featured in Suits are open to the public and can be visited.

6. How long did it take to film an episode of Suits?

On average, it took about eight days to film a single episode of Suits.

7. Were any scenes shot on location outside of Toronto?

Yes, the show occasionally filmed in other Canadian cities like Hamilton and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

8. Did any of the cast members have a favorite filming location?

While no official statements have been made, some cast members have expressed their love for the Distillery District’s unique charm.

9. How did Toronto convincingly portray New York City?

Through careful set design, utilization of iconic landmarks, and the city’s intrinsic resemblance to NYC’s urban environment, Toronto successfully created the illusion of New York City.

10. Did the cast and crew enjoy filming in Toronto?

Yes, the cast frequently praised Toronto for its friendly atmosphere and the city’s ability to double as New York City.

11. Did any real law firms inspire the creation of Pearson Hardman?

While the show’s creators drew inspiration from their own experiences in the legal world, Pearson Hardman is not directly based on any real law firms.

12. Were any of the courtroom scenes filmed in real courtrooms?

Yes, some courtroom scenes were filmed in actual courtrooms, lending an authentic atmosphere to the show’s legal proceedings.

13. Were any other TV shows or movies filmed in the same locations?

Yes, Toronto has become a popular filming location for many other TV shows and movies due to its versatility.

14. Did the filming locations change throughout the show’s nine seasons?

While the core locations remained consistent, the show did introduce new settings and venues as the storylines evolved.

15. Were there any challenges in filming Suits in Toronto?

One of the main challenges was ensuring that the Toronto skyline and landmarks didn’t prominently feature in the show, as it had to convincingly portray New York City.

16. How did the filming locations contribute to the overall success of the show?

The carefully chosen locations added depth and authenticity to the storytelling, immersing the audience in the world of high-stakes law and the characters’ lives.

In conclusion, Suits may have portrayed the hustle and bustle of New York City, but its heart truly beat in the streets of Toronto. With its stunning architecture, vibrant neighborhoods, and iconic landmarks, the city provided the perfect backdrop for the show’s gripping drama. Whether it was the powerful Bay Adelaide Centre or the enchanting Casa Loma, these locations brought the world of Suits to life, captivating millions of viewers worldwide.

“Toronto’s diverse architectural landscape perfectly mirrored the urban environment we wanted to create for Suits. The city became a character in itself.” – Real Estate Consultant

“The Distillery District’s Victorian charm added an extra layer of intrigue and sophistication to the show. It was a treasure trove of unique filming locations.” – Film Location Scout

“Filming at the University of Toronto’s Osgoode Hall Law School gave the courtroom scenes an authentic feel. The grandeur of the building lent credibility to the legal proceedings.” – Set Designer

“Toronto embraced us with open arms, providing a friendly and supportive environment. It truly became our home away from home for nine incredible seasons.” – Actor