Which Statement Best Describes The Tones Of the Author To Her Book And a Hymn To The Evening?

Which Statement Best Describes The Tones Of “The Author to Her Book” and “A Hymn to the Evening”?

“The Author to Her Book” and “A Hymn to the Evening” are two poems by Anne Bradstreet, a prominent American poet from the 17th century. Both poems explore different themes and evoke distinct tones that reflect the author’s emotions and intentions.

“The Author to Her Book” is a reflective and self-critical poem that reveals the author’s mixed feelings towards her own work. The tone of this poem can be described as conflicted and frustrated. Bradstreet uses metaphors and imagery to express her dissatisfaction with the imperfections of her book. She compares her work to a “child” that has been “snatched” prematurely from her, indicating a sense of loss and inadequacy. The tone is infused with a deep sense of self-awareness, as the author scrutinizes her creation and acknowledges its flaws.

On the other hand, “A Hymn to the Evening” adopts a more serene and contemplative tone. In this poem, Bradstreet expresses her admiration for the beauty and tranquility of nature during the evening hours. The tone is characterized by a sense of awe and reverence. Bradstreet uses vivid descriptions and sensory imagery to paint a picture of the evening landscape and its calming effect on the soul. The poem exudes a peaceful and meditative tone, inviting the reader to appreciate the wonders of the natural world.

Unique Facts:

1. Anne Bradstreet was the first female poet to be published in colonial America.
2. She wrote her poems in the style of the English Renaissance poets, such as John Donne and Edmund Spenser.
3. Bradstreet’s poems often explore themes of love, faith, and the struggles of being a woman in a male-dominated society.
4. “The Author to Her Book” was published without Bradstreet’s permission, leading her to revise it and include it in later editions of her work.
5. Anne Bradstreet’s poems were not widely recognized during her lifetime, but they gained significant appreciation and recognition in the 19th century.


1. What is the main theme of “The Author to Her Book”?
The main theme of this poem is the author’s conflicted emotions towards her own work, as she wrestles with feelings of inadequacy and frustration.

2. What does the metaphor of the book as a “child” symbolize in “The Author to Her Book”?
The metaphor symbolizes the author’s deep attachment to her work and her sense of responsibility for its imperfections.

3. What tone does “A Hymn to the Evening” convey?
The tone of this poem is peaceful, contemplative, and reverent.

4. What is the significance of nature in “A Hymn to the Evening”?
Nature represents a source of solace and inspiration for the author, providing a respite from the challenges and struggles of life.

5. How did Anne Bradstreet’s poems gain recognition?
Although not widely recognized during her lifetime, Bradstreet’s poems gained appreciation in the 19th century when her work was rediscovered and celebrated for its literary value and unique perspective.

6. How does “The Author to Her Book” reflect Bradstreet’s attitude towards her own writing?
The poem reflects Bradstreet’s self-critical nature and her constant striving for perfection in her work, despite acknowledging its imperfections.

7. What is the effect of the imagery used in “A Hymn to the Evening”?
The vivid imagery creates a sensory experience for the reader, immersing them in the beauty and tranquility of the evening landscape.

8. How does Bradstreet’s gender influence her poetry?
As a female poet in a male-dominated society, Bradstreet’s poetry often explores themes of love, faith, and the struggles faced by women.

9. How did Bradstreet’s poems challenge societal norms?
By expressing her thoughts and emotions through her poetry, Bradstreet defied the prevailing expectation that women should remain silent and submissive.

10. How does Bradstreet’s use of metaphors enhance “The Author to Her Book”?
The metaphors help the reader understand the author’s complex relationship with her work and her feelings of attachment, loss, and frustration.

11. What is the significance of the evening in “A Hymn to the Evening”?
The evening represents a time of reflection, tranquility, and spiritual connection for the author.

12. How did Bradstreet’s poetry reflect her Puritan beliefs?
Her poems often grapple with themes of faith, God’s providence, and the challenges of living a virtuous life.

13. What impact did Bradstreet have on American literature?
Bradstreet’s work paved the way for future generations of female writers, challenging the traditional roles and expectations placed upon women in society and literature.