Why Did Reiner And Bertholdt Want Eren

Title: Why Did Reiner and Bertholdt Want Eren: Unveiling the Hidden Motives


The anime series Attack on Titan has captivated fans worldwide with its complex characters and gripping storyline. Two crucial characters, Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover, have been at the center of intrigue, leaving viewers wondering why they targeted Eren Yeager. In this article, we delve into the motives of Reiner and Bertholdt while unraveling unique facts about their involvement. Additionally, we will address 15 frequently asked questions to provide a comprehensive understanding of their actions.

Understanding the Motives:

1. Reiner and Bertholdt’s mission: Reiner and Bertholdt were part of the Marleyan Warriors, a group sent to Paradis Island with the mission to retrieve the Founding Titan and the Attack Titan, which were in possession of Eren and his fellow Scouts.

2. Hidden identities: Throughout the series, Reiner and Bertholdt concealed their true identities as the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan respectively, infiltrating the Scouts to gain valuable information and await the opportune moment to strike.

3. Personal connection: Reiner and Bertholdt shared a deeper connection with Eren. They were former cadets of the same training corps, leading to conflicting emotions and a sense of betrayal as they had to carry out their mission against someone they once considered a comrade.

4. External pressure: The Marleyan government, their homeland, exerted immense pressure on Reiner and Bertholdt to complete their mission successfully. Failure would result in dire consequences for them and their families.

5. The power of the Founding Titan: The Founding Titan, held by Eren, possesses the ability to control other Titans. This power is sought after by various factions, including Marley, due to its potential to reshape the world order.

6. Shattered beliefs: Reiner and Bertholdt’s prolonged stay on Paradis Island exposed them to the Eldian people’s plight and the truth about Marley’s propaganda. This led to internal conflict and doubts about their mission’s righteousness.

7. Self-preservation: Reiner and Bertholdt’s prime motive was to ensure their own survival. Their capture or failure to complete the mission would mean certain death or worse, a life of being turned into mindless Titans.

Unique Facts:

1. The shocking revelation: Reiner and Bertholdt’s true identities as the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan respectively were unveiled during the Battle of Shiganshina, which left fans in awe.

2. The long con: Reiner and Bertholdt spent years undercover within the ranks of the Scouts, gaining trust and manipulating events to execute their mission effectively.

3. Psychological turmoil: The immense guilt and internal struggle faced by Reiner and Bertholdt are showcased through their emotional breakdowns and split personalities.

4. The warrior bond: Reiner and Bertholdt’s loyalty to each other as fellow Warriors is a significant aspect of their dynamic, often relying on one another for support and guidance.

5. The weight of responsibility: Reiner, being the Armored Titan, was responsible for breaching Wall Maria, leading to the deaths of countless innocent people. This burden weighed heavily on him throughout the series.

6. A turning point: The Battle of Trost, where Eren unleashed his Titan form to protect his comrades, marked a turning point for Reiner and Bertholdt, as they witnessed the power of the Attack Titan firsthand.

7. The ultimate betrayal: Reiner’s close bond with Eren’s adoptive sister, Historia, complicated his mission further, making it harder for him to carry out the plan without remorse.


Q1. Did Reiner and Bertholdt ever care for Eren and his friends?
A1. Yes, they developed genuine bonds with Eren and his friends during their time undercover, making their betrayal all the more difficult.

Q2. How did Reiner and Bertholdt’s personalities change after their true identities were revealed?
A2. They experienced a significant shift in their personalities, with Reiner suffering from dissociative identity disorder and Bertholdt becoming more assertive.

Q3. What role did the Female Titan play in their mission?
A3. The Female Titan, Annie Leonhart, was a key ally for Reiner and Bertholdt, helping them gather information and execute their plan.

Q4. Did Reiner and Bertholdt regret their actions?
A4. Yes, both characters expressed regret and remorse for their actions, particularly Reiner, who often contemplated suicide due to the guilt he carried.

Q5. How did their mission impact the overall narrative of Attack on Titan?
A5. Reiner and Bertholdt’s mission served as a catalyst for major plot developments, uncovering hidden truths and setting the stage for the conflict between Marley and Paradis Island.


Reiner and Bertholdt’s desire to capture Eren Yeager was driven by their allegiance to Marley, personal connections, and the pursuit of power. Their hidden motives, combined with the unique facts surrounding their involvement, added depth and complexity to the storyline of Attack on Titan. As the series progresses, the struggle between duty and personal morality continues to shape these characters, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their ultimate fate.