Why Is The Postman A Bad Movie

Title: Why Is The Postman a Bad Movie: An Analysis


“The Postman” is a 1997 science fiction film directed by Kevin Costner, which received widespread criticism upon its release. Despite its promising premise, the movie failed to deliver on multiple fronts. This article aims to explore the reasons why “The Postman” is considered a bad movie, along with five unique facts about its production. Additionally, we will address thirteen frequently asked questions regarding the film.

Why Is The Postman a Bad Movie?

1. Poor Execution: “The Postman” suffers from a lackluster script and uneven pacing, rendering the film tedious and predictable. The overall execution fails to engage the audience, resulting in a disjointed narrative that loses its focus.

2. Overindulgent Length: Clocking in at over three hours, the film’s excessive runtime contributes to its downfall. Unnecessary scenes and prolonged sequences dilute the story, making it feel bloated and exhausting.

3. Weak Character Development: Despite the potential for engaging character arcs, “The Postman” fails to establish meaningful connections. The protagonist, portrayed by Costner himself, lacks depth and fails to evoke empathy or investment from viewers.

4. Contrived Romantic Subplot: The inclusion of a forced romantic subplot detracts from the film’s overall narrative, feeling out of place and unnecessary. The chemistry between characters feels forced and awkward, further diminishing the film’s impact.

5. Lack of Originality: “The Postman” borrows heavily from other post-apocalyptic films, most notably “Mad Max.” While inspiration is not inherently negative, the film fails to bring anything novel to the genre, leading to a sense of unoriginality and predictability.

Five Unique Facts about “The Postman”:

1. Kevin Costner’s Vision: The film was a passion project for Costner, who not only starred in it but also directed and produced it. His determination to bring the story to life may have led to a lack of objectivity during the filmmaking process.

2. Troubled Production: “The Postman” faced numerous production setbacks, including budget overruns and on-set conflicts. These challenges likely contributed to the film’s disjointed final product.

3. Box Office Failure: Despite a sizable budget of around $80 million, “The Postman” grossed only $17 million in the United States, making it a significant financial failure.

4. Razzie Awards: The film received numerous negative reviews and was nominated for several Razzie Awards, including Worst Picture, Worst Actor (Kevin Costner), and Worst Director.

5. Novel Adaptation: “The Postman” is based on a 1985 novel of the same name by David Brin. While the novel received critical acclaim, the film adaptation failed to capture its essence or translate it effectively to the big screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is “The Postman” worth watching despite the negative reviews?
It ultimately depends on personal taste, but the majority of viewers found it disappointing due to its poor execution.

2. Did any aspects of the film receive praise?
Some critics praised the film’s cinematography and its depiction of a post-apocalyptic world.

3. What inspired Kevin Costner to take on this project?
Costner was drawn to the story’s themes of hope and the importance of communication in a dystopian world.

4. Did “The Postman” win any awards?
Despite its Razzie nominations, the film did win a Special Achievement Award for Best Live Action Family Film from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films.

5. Can “The Postman” be considered a cult classic?
While some movies gain a cult following despite negative reception, “The Postman” has not achieved such status.

6. Were there any notable performances in the film?
Despite the lackluster script, Will Patton’s portrayal of General Bethlehem received some positive reviews.

7. Was the film’s length a deliberate choice?
Yes, Kevin Costner intended for the film to have an epic feel, but the runtime hindered its success.

8. Did the film have any impact on the post-apocalyptic genre?
“The Postman” failed to make a significant impact and remains largely forgotten among other post-apocalyptic films.

9. Were there any redeeming qualities in the film’s soundtrack?
The original score composed by James Newton Howard received positive reviews, as it effectively captured the film’s emotional beats.

10. Did “The Postman” receive any recognition for its visual effects?
The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song but did not receive any recognition for its visual effects.

11. How does the film differ from the original novel?
The film takes significant liberties with the source material, altering character motivations and omitting key plot points.

12. Was “The Postman” a critical failure as well?
Yes, the film was widely criticized by both audiences and critics upon its release.

13. Has the film gained any retrospective appreciation?
While some viewers have reevaluated the film with a more forgiving lens, the general consensus remains negative.


“The Postman” stands as a prime example of a film that failed to live up to its potential. With weak execution, overindulgent length, and a lack of originality, it falls flat on multiple levels. Despite a few positive aspects, such as the cinematography and the score, the film’s numerous flaws overshadow any redeeming qualities it may possess.