Shutter Island Book vs Movie Review

Martin Scorsese teams up with Leonardo DiCaprio to adapt the Dennis Lehane thriller, Shutter Island! This movie is stays very close to the book, bu there is still just so much to talk about with this mindbending story!

Dracula Book vs Movies Review

Bram Stoker’s Dracula has taken on a life of its own. After reading the book I watched 6 different Dracula movies to find out which one is the most faithful, and if being more faithful makes for a better adaptation.

Casino Royale Book vs Movie Review

The first James Bond book wasn’t (truly) adapted until 2006, when Daniel Craig made his first appearance at the British spy. Find out how the movie compares with the book!

How using a Creative Suite is Helping Independent filmmakers

In today’s climate, being an independent filmmaker is a difficult task, let alone trying to stand out among the ever growing crowd. Anything that can make the process easier and more convenient is a must and providing the right promotional materials can boost reach. This is where tools like creative suites can prove invaluable. What …

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Zodiac True Story vs Movie Review

The San Fransisco Zodiac killer has sparked numerous movies, but the 2007 David FIncher movie is based on the book by Robert Graysmith who has spent decades trying to crack the case.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back Book vs Movie Review

Terry McMillan’s book (that is based on a real experience of hers) was adapted into the popular movie starring Angela Bassett and Taye Diggs. Find out how the movie compares to the book and what happened in the true story behind the book!

The Birds Book vs Movie Review

The Birds directed by Alfred Hitchcock starring Tippi Hedren has become so iconic. But did you know it is based on a short story by Daphne du Maurier? Find out how the two compare and which I like best!

BlackBerry Movie vs True Story Review

The new Matt Johnson movie starring Glenn Howerton and Jay Baruchel documents the true story of the BlackBerry phone. But how close does it stay to the truth? Check out today’s episode to find out!

Peter Pan and Wendy Book vs Movie Review

David Lowery’s adaptation of the beloved Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie is a fun, beautifully shot movie. But how does it compare to the book? I was surprised how much I loved the book, so the movie had a lot to live up to!

The Mist Book vs Movie Review

Frank Darabont adapted Stephen King’s novella The Mist, which is about a group of people that are trapped in a grocery store when a mysterious mist takes over the town. Find out how the two compare and what the movie changed!

One True Loves Book vs Movie Review

Taylor Jenkins Reid is a popular author who is finally being adapted! One True Loves tells the story of a women who is torn between two loves. Is the movie able to capture the chemistry between the characters in the book? Check out today’s episode and find out!