Book vs Movie

I Am Legend Book vs Movie (2007)

Richard Matheson’s ground breaking novella has inspired so many other books, movies, and even video games. But how does the original story compare with the 2007 Will Smith adaptation?

Dreamcatcher Book vs Movie

Dreamcatcher isn’t considered one of King’s better novels, but did the movie make improvements on the book? Or did it just make things worse…?

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Book vs Movie

Ken Kesey’s novel was an instant hit and was turned into a play the following year. The movie adaptation took a bit longer, but when it was released it was critically acclaimed. Find out how the two differ and which I think wins!

The Wonder Book vs Movie (2022)

The Wonder is about a nurse who is tasked to watch over a girl who claims to have not eaten in four months. Find out what the secret is, and how book and movie compare!